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A popular wooden chainsaw sawhorse manufactured to a high quality as you would expect from Stihl. The Stihl Wooden chain saw saw horse is strong and sturdy and is great for general logging and cutting. The Stihl Wooden Sawhorse item folds for convenient storage and easy transportation to the work area. This quality item is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly.


The Stihl Metal Sawhorse is strong, safe and robust, being galvanised to protect from rust and corrosion. This Stihl quality saw horse is made from box section galvanised metal steel tube. Manufactured by the world brand leader of electric & petrol chainsaws; the quality and value for money of this chainsaw sawhorse is second to none! Ideal for use with either chainsaws or bow saws. The metal sawhorse folds flat for storage and easy transportation to the work area. This saw horse is supplied with a log/timber securing chain which retains your work piece to the sawhorse using a heavy duty spring.

STIHL has been setting the standard for chainsaws and other garden power tools for 80 years.

STIHL is by far the most widely sold chainsaw brand in the world, and has used its knowledge, skills and expertise gained in developing the chainsaw to become an industry leader for many other garden power tools including hedge trimmers, blowers, vacuum shredders, grass trimmers, brushcutters and pressure washer cleaning systems.

Making wood cutting easier, quicker and simply more satisfying, a quality chainsaw will cut through the work in next to no time.

STIHL has developed a comprehensive safety concept for the work with power tools. That concept includes not only the exemplary safety features of all STIHL machines, but also practical protective clothing and safety accessories. It is only when used in combination that these components ensure the best possible protection and optimum safety.
STIHL has everything you need to work quickly and efficiently, from two-stroke engine oil to forestry tools.

The Handy Metal Sawhorse with ChainSaw Support: The Handy Metal Sawhorse with chainsaw support allows the operator to steady the log with one hand whilst supporting the chainsaw in the mounting bracket. This enables accurate cutting and ease of use. The sawhorse folds away flat for easy storage.

For sawing logs in the garden, forest or workshop. This is a very good quality saw horse that comes complete with a mounting bracket for the chainsaw. This means the saw can be operated with one hand, whilst steadying the log with the other hand. The mount also means accurate and straight cutting every time. The item folds for convenient storage. It is ideal for use with chain or bow saw. Folds flat for storage with a cutting capacity of 25cm (10") diameter logs and comes complete with a safety chain for securing the log being worked on. Take the effort & strain out of chopping logs. This simple & robust saw horse will change the way you chop logs forever. The whole weight of the chainsaw is supported by the Log Master & not your back! This makes it fast, safe & effortless to operate unlike the conventional method which requires constant bending lifting & straining, starting & stopping.


How to tension the saw chain correctly on your Stihl Chain Saw:

Regular tensioning of the saw chain improves the safety during use and reduces wear and damage to the chain. We therefore recommend that you check the chain tension and make any necessary corrections each time before you start work. During work with the chain saw, the chain becomes warm and therefore expands slightly. During manufacture, STIHL saw chains are "stretched" slightly in the factory, and this prevents excessive thermal expansion. Nevertheless, for your own safety, you must still tension it manually from time to time.

Most STIHL chain saws have an easy-to-use chain tensioner on the side, with which the chain can be tensioned in a matter of minutes. This is how it is done:

1. With the engine turned off, first loosen the securing screws of the chain cover with a combination wrench. To tension the chain, it is sufficient to only loosen these screws. Then turn the tensioning screw with the screwdriver end of the combination wrench

2. Now check whether the chain lies loosely on the bar. To prevent injuries, you should wear protective gloves when doing this. If the lower side of the chain hangs away from the bar, it is too loose and you must turn the tensioning screw further.

3. If the lower side of the chain does not hang away from the bar, but the chain can still be pulled away slightly, the tension is correct. You should also be able to lift the top side of the chain slightly. To prevent injuries from the sharp edges of the chain, you should wear protective gloves when doing this.

You can tension the chain quickly and easily with the Quick Chain Tensioning feature, with which many STIHL chain saws are equipped as standard. This is how you do it:

Loosen the chain sprocket cover above the wing nut. Turning the adjusting wheel above this anticlockwise reduces the chain tension; turning it clockwise increases the tension. When the chain sprocket cover is screwed down, the guide bar is automatically fixed in position.

When replacing the saw chain on your chainsaw, you should first scrape all dirt and deposits from the groove of the guide bar, since these can cause the chain to jump out of the bar. There is also a risk that such deposits soak up the chain lubricant before it can reach the bottom side of the guide bar, which is subjected to large stresses. This would result in overheating and excessive wear of the chain and the bar. You can remove these deposits with a small screwdriver or some other sharp object. Before making the first cut with a new chain on your saw, you should allow the chain to "run in" for a few seconds.

Safety Caution: Since the chain contracts slightly as it cools after use, your should never tension or replace the chain on your chainsaw while it is hot. This can result in serious damage to the guide bar or to the crankshaft of the engine. It is advisable to slightly reduce the chain tension when you finish work, particularly in frosty weather.

“Power tools” conjures up an image of ear-splitting drills and grinders. But this work is concerned with other sorts of tools: instruments, approaches, schemes, devices and methods (among many other synonyms) for tackling the differences in power that impede policies and institutions from achieving equitable natural resource management. A policy tool can be defined as a mechanism for influencing decisions and decision-making about natural resource management. Power tools are policy tools that address power asymmetries between marginalised and marginalisers. Regular scheduled servicing of your industrial power tools can help to prolong their life, giving you greater return on your industrial tool investment. We supply a vast range of branded industrial power tools and accessories to companies throughout the UK.

Everybody knows that powertools are often fast moving and when turned on, commence movement immediately. If a power tool is not properly held or used, fingers and hands can be chopped off instantly in a construction accident. The most important thing a worker needs to know before they even start using a powertool is how to turn it off.

In many types of businesses, hand and power tools are used every day as they make work easier and allow employees to be more efficient. Virtually all power tool accidents can be prevented. However, simple health and safety steps that could be followed to avoid a construction accident of this type are often ignored.

Older tools are more of a concern as they may not have safety features installed. If you regularly use power tools and the ones you are using are old, dated or worn, have you asked your employer for a more up-to-date version?

Failing to properly use and maintain electric-powered tools causes thousands of cuts, puncture wounds, amputations and electrocutions every year. A company called Sawstop in the USA has developed a technology that can distinguish between solid wood and a user's finger, allowing the cutting blade to stop in five milliseconds.

New technology is being developed all time to make power tools operate more intelligently and reduce personal injuries as a result of power tool construction accidents.

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