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STIHL BG86 Petrol Leaf Blower

The Stihl BG86 is a powerful hand held petrol garden leaf blower. This latest handheld petrol blower from Stihl has been improved in several areas over its predecessor (the ever popular BG85) and now uses a powerful stratified charge two stroke petrol engine to effortlessly blow and quickly clear areas of fallen leaves, grass clippings and cuttings, twigs, and other garden debris.

The BG86 also has a new anti vibration system for smooth operation over extended running periods. Worth noting is the leaf blowers reduced emissions. This top of the range garden leaf blower's engine is quieter and now features a catalytic converter as standard with less harmful emissions being expelled. As one of the leading manufacturers in the world for landscaping and forestry equipment (such as chainsaws) Stihl are at the forefront for design and technology for use in this type of product.

Ergonomic Design: This unit has been designed to be comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time. The Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower is light in weight, has easy to use operator controls, and is well balanced. The top handle incorporates a soft rubber grip area for comfort with all operator controls being within easy reach by the use of just one hand. The throttle control is fully adjustable to allow different blower speeds to be utilised depending on the type of material being cleared as well as the garden size or environment the unit is being used in.

Quiet And Friendly Petrol Engine: The new Stihl BG86 is fitted with the latest up to date two stroke engine with the latest features: Elastostart, A Manual Fuel Pump, Catalytic Converter, Electronic Ignition, Noise Reducing Silencer - these standard features result in this being a garden leaf blower which is pleasant to use and which is also favoured by gardeners and professional users when working close to residential areas, hospitals, schools etc.

The powerful and reliable two stroke engine fitted to this leaf blower is fully capable of regular use and for the technically minded develops 1.10bhp with a cylinder capacity of 27.2cc. The unit is supplied with as standard: easy to fit round and flat nozzles, operators instruction manual.

Benefits In Choosing This Model: Powerful leaf blowing performance, ease of use, robustness, reliability, ease of servicing, consumable spare parts availability, and above all great value for money. Although can cost slightly more than some other brands a new Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower can now be purchased at the cheapest prices through either an online garden equipment specialist as well as through an authorised "high street" garden equipment agent.


* Two stroke 27.2cc petrol engine * Single handed operation * Catalytic converter * Leaf collection bag available as an optional accessory

* Weight 4.5kg (without fuel ) * Round and Flat Blower Nozzles * Stihl electronic ignition system * 12 Month warranty



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