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If you use your Stihl Chainsaw on a regular basis then at some time in its life it will require the fitment of the occasional spare part. This is because of wear and tear which has to take place on any item which uses mechanical components. To a certain degree the engine on your chain saw can be protected by only using Stihl Two Stroke Oil. This high quality oil offers excellent lubrication and will keep engine wear (especially on the units piston and cylinder barrel) to a minimum.

What is important is that when you need to purchase spares for your chainsaw you only buy genuine Stihl Spare Parts. The fitment of genuine branded components is necessary to keep the machines warranty valid - but more importantly to maintain its characteristics especially its performance and reliability.

If you have purchased a Stihl Chainsaw in the first place you probably chose its for its quality, performance, and reliability above anything else - you therefore will want to maintain these qualities and its condition by using original equipment components.

You can purchase any necessary Stihl Chainsaw Spares from either your local dealer or by purchasing online. Unlike several other brands of forestry equipment a strong point with the Stihl make is that spares and replacement chains (chain loops) are very easy to obtain.  



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