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SH86 Leaf Blower - Vacuum Shredder

Stihl are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality garden leaf blowers. Renowned worldwide for their chainsaws and landscaping equipment such as the TS410 disc cutter, Stihl products are normally the first choice for the professional user or keen gardener that is looking for all round performance, reliability, and at the same time excellent value for money.

The range of leaf bowers and vacuum shredders from this manufacturer are no different. You will find they differ from the majority of other brands available to buy with their very high build quality, compact size, ease of starting of their petrol engines, reliability, spare parts and dealer service network, and last but not least being pleasant to use for prolonged periods of time in the garden or work environment.

Professional Users: Local authorities and business users choose this brand of garden leaf blower above all others - professional users and gardeners require reliable and cost effective machinery within their allocated budgets. Unlike numerous other brands of garden machinery which can be purchased Stihl differ by their service back up and consumable spares availability. Where as other brands are now considered "disposable" (with negligible or indeed no spare parts available from day one of ownership) Stihl pride themselves in supplying parts and back up for many years to come for the equipment they manufacture and sell.

Model Range: From a small hand held blower such as the BG56, their ever popular SH86 (blower - vacuum & shredder unit) through to the professional back pack models; BR380, BR500, BR550 & BR600 you will find there is a unit in their range to suit your needs and spending budget.

Availability: Stihl garden and landscaping equipment is available to purchase through a wide range of different outlets and suppliers. The network of supporting agents for this brand is second to none with one or more dealers commonplace in most major towns and cities.

Common Features:

* Two Stroke or Four Stroke engines * High Power Output * Blower & / or Vacuum Modes * Integrated Metal Shredder Blade On Certain Models * Leaf Collection

* Stihl Electronic Ignition System * High Build Quality * Spares Back Up * Dealer Service Network * 12 Month warranty



When Autumn shows it's head in the UK and fallen leafs become a problem it's time to reach for a garden leaf blower. Owners of small, medium, and large sized gardens (as well as professional gardeners and landscapers) can make the job of collecting leafs far easier by way of using a garden leaf blower or leaf vacuum machine. The most suitable brand of this type of garden machinery (that is sold in the UK) in our opinion is the well known manufacturer called Stihl. Recognised Worldwide as the brand leader for gardening and landscaping tools they produce a range of garden leaf blower machines that is second to none. Powerful, reliable, robust, are just a few of their qualities, but what matters most is the ease and way that they can help you in your garden with the task of dealing with fallen leafs at Autumn time.

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