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It is important to buy the correct replacement chain for your Stihl Chainsaw when the original chain fitted to it has reached the end of it's life. One of the reasons why Stihl Chainsaws perform so effectively is because of the quality and toughness of their original equipment blades and chain bars.

The cutting teeth are manufactured from high alloyed chromium nickel steel with finely worked holes in the links and hardened rivets. Designed to work effectively with the Stihl Oilomatic lubrication system this ensures a long life for the chain. Choosing the exact replacement chain for your electric or petrol chainsaw is also important, dependant on the type of cutting use, the model of chainsaw (ie: MS180 or MS171), the saws power rating, and type. 

An easy way to determine when the chain requires replacing is by examining the wear marks which are embossed into each genuine Stihl replacement chain.

These wear marks (or otherwise known as service marks) are etched into the cutters and allow fast and simple checking of the extent to which the blade has worn. If the chain has not reached the wear mark but is simply not cutting then the cutter can be sharpened with the use of an appropriate chainsaw file and depth guage.

When a new chain is needed there are several options in the Stihl range for replacement chains. Dependant on your model of chain saw and type of cutting being undertaken you can choose from:

* Stihl Picco Mini  * Picco Micro  * Picco Micro Comfort  * Rapid Micro  * Rapid Micro Comfort  * Rapid Micro Comfort 3

 * Rapid Super  * Rapid Super Comfort  * Rapid Super Comfort 3  * Rapid Duro  * Raid Duro R

You can purchase any necessary Stihl Replacement Chains from either your local dealer or by purchasing online. Unlike several other brands of forestry equipment a strong point with the Stihl brand is that spares and replacement chains (chain loops) are very easy to obtain.  




Buy Stihl Replacement Chains in Batley, Birmingham, Bradford, Castleford, Castleton, Chesterfield, Derby, Dewsbury, Dinnington, Halifax, Hull, Keighley, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Louth, London, Manchester, Mansfield, Newcastle, Normanton, Nottingham, Peterborough, Preston, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sheffield, Southampton, Street, Ulverston, Wakefield, Warrington, Wolverhampton,  

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