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The phrase "Stihl Saw" is a name which has developed over many years by builders, block pavers, steel workers, and other tradesmen with reference to the stone and metal cutting saw manufactured by the renowned manufacturer called "STIHL". The latest variants of this being the new Stihl TS410.

To be totally accurate when a builder or tradesman asks to buy or hire "A STIHL SAW" they are actually referring to wanting "A Petrol Driven Saw" - capable of cutting through masonry or steel depending on the type of blade or abrasive disc fitted to it.

Like the phrase name the actual saw itself has gone through several design changes over the past few years - all improvements and refinements making it the brand leader as far as petrol engined disc cutters / cut-off saws go.

This versatile piece of equipment has to date been powered by a lightweight two stroke petrol engine with a belt drive assembly to the disc mounting spindle which holds the cutting disc. To keep weight down the fuel tank on all Stihl Saws is relatively small and typically allows for around 15 to 20 minutes running / cutting time depending on the throttle - speed opening used. The fuel mix of petrol to two stroke oil needs to be pre-mixed also. By using the pre-mix method it allows the Stihl Saw to dispense with having an integral oil pump and metering system.

Over the past few years different manufacturers of power tools and construction equipment have developed and marketed their own range and models of petrol disc cutters - some selling at a cheaper price, several a lot more expensive. These makes and models have also been associated with as being "Stihl Saws" just like several brands of vacuum cleaners are referred to as a "Hoover".

The overall package that you may purchase or hire though is what really matters, and the proven fact is that a genuine Stihl Saw (manufactured by the company themselves) is the best machine you could want. What makes a true Stihl Saw different to the rest is its proven reliability, ease of starting and use, relatively low vibration when cutting metal or stone, the units manageable size (more tradesman choose this brand on this factor alone), ease of servicing, and the availability of spare parts, consumable service items (air filters etc), and not forgetting the low price it can be purchased for.

Features Of The Latest Stihl Saw - Model No: TS410:

* Two stroke 66.7cc petrol engine * 3.2kw power output * 125mm cutting capacity * Belt driven * Cyclone filtration system

* Weight 9.6kg (without fuel & cutting disc) * Wheel capacity 350mm * New anti vibration system * Long life air filter

As with previous models the Stihl range of petrol stone saws and metal cutting saws are favoured by builders, steelworkers and landscapers for their overall qualities; their compact size makes them the most manageable models available. They have renowned reliability, an easy to start two stroke petrol engine, and outstanding performance. With great qualities as this it is easy to see why this piece of equipment has become known as a STIHL SAW. 


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