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Garden Leaf Blower

View details in the popular Stihl SH86 Garden Leaf Blower / Vacuum Shredder machine.

The Stihl SH86 (C-E) is one of the UK's top selling machines that not only is a leaf blower but is a powerful vacuum as well. The SH86 features an internal leaf shredder blade for enhanced shredding and the reduction in size (as well as the bulk) of leaves, and light garden debris such as twigs and small branches. In just a couple of minutes this tool can be changed in-mode from a garden leaf blower to a leaf vacuum machine.

Replacement Loop Blade For Stihl Chainsaw

View details on replacement chain loops to fit the Stihl range of electric as well as petrol chainsaws. It is vital to keep the blade on any chain saw sharp as well as clean. With natural wear and tear though the time will come when it will require replacing. To keep the performance and robustness level high (as we are sure you will want!) it is recommended that you buy and fit only a genuine Stihl Chain to your Stihl chainsaw.

Petrol Stone Cutting Saws

Considering buying a petrol engined stone cutting saw? When it comes to buying a portable stone saw the Stihl brand is usually one that comes straight to-mind! Whilst there are others such as the models sold under the Partner, Husqvarna, and Makita brands, it is really the Stihl Saw that tradesmen choose first when it comes to an investment for one of these power tools. At the time of writing the Stihl TS420 is the UK's most popular petrol saw / disc cutter, being the latest version from this manufacturer after the likes of the renowned TS400 and TS410 predecessors.

Flame Weed Killer Guns

Weed Guns: if you have a problem with reoccurring weeds in your garden, perhaps in a flower border or in the drive, consider the purchase of a flame weed gun. By using the power of extreme heat alone a weed gun can change the plants structure killing it from the inside.

Two (2) different types of weed guns can typically be purchased in the UK, the first being ones that operate off butane / propane gas canisters, the second type being as the Sheen X300 is by way of running off paraffin fuel. Both of these types of weed gun kill weeds in an organic way without the use of harmful chemicals, because of this they are ideal for use in vegetable plots as well as flower beds.

If you have children or pets you will not want to use chemical weed killers, the same goes if you are wanting to get rid of unsightly weeds on paths and driveways. Some chemical weedkilller sprays leave a residue on block paving and concrete that is hard to remove. A far simpler way is to invest in a flame gun such as the easy and effective to use Sheen X300.

Chainsaw Sawhorses

Looking to buy a Stihl Metal or Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorse in the UK? One of these simple to use accessories can change the way you cut or chop logs for ever! A sawhorse allows you to free up both of your hands so you can concentrate on using your chainsaw more efficiently as well as safely. When cutting up old logs for firewood a metal or wooden sawhorse will save you hours of time compared to making do without one. 

Lawnmower Repairs Sheffield

Is the blade on your lawnmower not cutting as good as it used too? or is the petrol engine on your lawnmower difficult to start? these as well as many other faults can be sorted out with the services of a lawnmower repair shop.

All brands and models of lawn mowing machines suffer from wear and tear as well suffering the occasional breakdown due to a fault developing. The best way to avoid unforeseen problems is to have your mower serviced on a regular basis, usually twice per year, one in winter and one at the end of spring. A winter lawn mower service is aimed at getting the mower in readiness for the UK garden season that normally starts in early springtime, this is especially the case for the City of Sheffield in South Yorkshire. A typical winter once-over will have the lawnmower repair shop check the machines engine and controls as well making sure all the chassis parts are in a full serviceable order. Where needed the lawn mower will usually have an oil change, spark plug cap checked, and a full grease and lubrication throughout.

An early Spring time service normally is a bit more involved and especially so on petrol grass mowing machinery as opposed to electric ones. A spring service may dictate the replacement or sharpening of the cutter blade, the replacement of any air filters, and an oil change. This is not a comprehensive list of what a mower services undertakes, just a brief overview. The main objective of having your lawnmower serviced is to make sure it works perfectly and safe and that any faults or wear and tear items are spotted and taken care of before it is used for the typical UK gardening season. 

This type of garden machinery works best when everything is as the manufacturer intended when it was first built, a mower service agent can make sure your lawnmower is kept in a tip-top condition by giving it the attention it deserves.

Find a lawnmower repair agent in Sheffield

Cheap Electric Chainsaws

When shopping online for an electric chainsaw it makes sense to save money and search for the cheapest price on the model you want to buy. Electric powered chain saws have dropped in price considerably over the last few years and you can now pick up well known brand names of electric saws from well under the 100.00 price point.

Unlike petrol engined garden machinery electric powered tools such as chainsaws can be manufactured for a much lower cost. This means the consumer can save money compared to the usual two stroke petrol engined machines.

If you only need to use one of these items of garden machinery on an occasional basis consider buying a cheap chainsaw such as a Black and Decker, Bosch, Draper, or Handy model. As long as you look after the condition of the cutting blade and chain bar you will usually receive good service from one of these makes.  

Karcher T Racer Patio Cleaner

Now you may have seen one of these whilst watching one of the UK home shopping channels on the TV such as Ideal World or QVC. The Karcher T Racer fits most domestic pressure washers of this brand and can really make life simpler when it comes to patio cleaning.

Brushes rotate at high speed along with a blast of cold water, deep cleaning dirt and residue from patio slabs, block paving, and wooden decking.

Visit Karcher T Racer Patio Cleaner for more details. 

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